Innovating Up a Storm:

Steel Bridge Pile Repair:

Protecting Sea Walls:


ASR-Contaminated Piles:

Repairing Timber Pile:

Earthquake-Damaged Piers:

Corroded Steel Bridge Piling:

Repairing Corroded Columns:


SPiRe FRP Panels:

Rapid Pile Repair:

How to Repair Piles:

Repairing Submerged Piles:

Repairing Bridge Pier Walls:

Retrofit of Bridge Piers:

Strengthening Timber Utility Poles:

Submerged Timber Piles:

Encapsulation of Piles:

Timber Pile Repair:

Port of Seattle Repair:

Kangaroo Point Bridge:

PIER Technology Demo:

Strong-Beam Weak-Columns:

Strengthening Cell Phone Towers:

Underwater Bridge Piers:

Encapsulated Water Piles:

Restoring Deficient Bridge Piers:

Pile Jacket: