August 2022 – UESI Pipelines Conference

Event: UESI 2022 Pipelines Conference

Date:  July 31 – August 3, 2022

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Description: Learn more about our PipeMedic technology at the 2022 UESI Conference in Indiana! Explore QuakeWrap’s CFRP systems for structural rehabilitation of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP), steel, and other types of water mains; the award winning StifPipe®, no-dig, CFRP point repair system, SuperLaminate™ for small diameter pipes, and InfinitPipe® – an endless, joint-free pipe made on site. From our team, Firat Sever will be presenting “Out of Service No More! A critical PCCP Repair with CFRP”, and Owen Yan will present “Rehabilitation of Submerged Pipes with FRP Technology.” You won’t want to miss it!

Want more information about the 2022 UESI Conference? Click here!

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